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Web Development

Planning your site

If you are at this stage you have most likely chosen your domain name. The best thing to do is make a map on paper of the pages you want to create and how the structure of the pages may be, for instance your main pages would be home - about us - services - contact us.

Then under services you would have sub-pages.


Web Development.

By creating this map it makes it easier to build your sites structure and then you can work out the content to go on each page. 

Web Design

Most people when they think about getting online think about Website Design or Web Design as it is also searched. But a website can be so much more and so can Web Development. Our company offers so much more than just building websites. We can build a simple site with a few pages on it all the way up to creating a fully functional interactive experience so you and your team can manage new contacts leads and much much more.

When developing a website it is best to always plan out our pages and sub-pages so that your site is easy to navigate and gives the end user the best experience possible. Also writing ideas for each page in bullet points to start with can help. Including ideas for images you want to use. With the software that is available these days it makes it easier and easier to create a website. It is the design that sometimes needs work. That is where we can help. Creating a site that looks and feels amazing.

We create a design that is clean and attractive so your customers will know they are in the right place for their needs and dealing with the company that can help them.

We also build all of our websites on an easy to use CMS Platform, which allows you to login and update your site and write blogs or news articles or create any number of tasks needed to enhance your site and update the users' experience. We try to make sure all our sites are mobile friendly from the start so what is seen on a desktop or tablet looks just as good on a phone. 

If you need your site to do more than just the standard stuff or you have specific needs you may need an online app developing or a mobile app we can help with this just take a look at our Application Development page.