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The World of hosting has changed a lot in the past 10 years. We currently only offer hosting with our CMS platform on our cloud servers.

But if you need to host a large site or online application then get in touch about one of our cloud servers. Having a dedicated cloud server means you are not sharing space and resources with other users you have fixed resources that can be adjusted then you need them to be.

We will be offering a shared cloud hosting solution in the future so check back if you have not found what you need and we may have the perfect service for you.

Ask about a Cloud Solution

Cloud Servers

In this modern world we hear the word cloud thrown around a lot without understanding fully what it means.

The cloud or a cloud server basically means that the software or files are spread across thousands of physical servers meaning they are not reliant on any one machine to function. This means less down time and less chance of data loss.

Many companies look at moving from traditional servers to the cloud but do not understand the technical side of doing such a task as well as understand the costs and options involved. That is where we can be of help. We are experts in setting up cloud solutions and managing those solutions. Why? Because we have been doing it for years. We have the experience and people to make sure your solution is done right from the start and maintained correctly.

So what are the advantages to being on the cloud?

Well simply put, the cloud is not restricted in the same way a physical machine is. Say you start with 2gb ram and a 40gb storage space. But 3 months later you need more space for a short period of time to transfer some files from one office to another. Well we upgrade the storage space on the server to what you need within no time via our virtual control panel and you pay for the extra space while you need it. Once you no longer need it we can down size your space back to what you need saving you money.

The fact is cloud storage and servers are more flexible in allowing you to manage your resources and outgoings more easily. 

Please contact us if you would like further information.