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Our Work

(This site is no longer online)Cheers Mag

(This site is no longer online)Cheers Mag is a free magazine published in the UK. It was originally setup to promote venues in the Tameside area but has grown to be so popular with its readers and the venues that advertise in it that the magazine is moving into new areas all over the UK.

The website is fully bespoke, includes many different, unique features and all graphical work was done in-house.

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TRE UK is a uk based organisation which offers TRE workshops teaching people to use TRE to help relieve stress, anxiety, tension and PTSD.

TRE was designed partially by World Web Design with some design and imaging provided by the client.

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Muldoon and Tonge

Muldoon & Tonge Opticians we understand that the health of your eyes is of the utmost importance, and therefore we provide a high standard of eye care and eye examinations

The website was created by the team at World Web Design using the Twiggled system

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Accademy Interiors

At Academy Interiors we have over 20 years of experience in producing bespoke bedroom furniture. We are based in Stalybridge in Cheshire and carry out work for customers throughout the UK.

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Hazel Grove Auto Centre

Hazel Grove is a vehicle repair and maintenance centre based in Stockport, Manchester, UK that offers the best value in maintenance, repair, and overhaul for Cars, Motorcycles and Vans.

Hazel Grove is one of the first of our website to be fully designed, structured, edited, developed and implemented entirely within our Twiggled system. It, along with other sites designed on this platform, is a great example of how our DIY platform can be used to create unique and good looking websites.

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