Branding your business.

Why is branding important?

Branding is more important than you think. Your identity as a business is what effectively stand's you out from the crowd and has to be consistent and work across all of your advertising, marketing and sales processes. Creating the right brand will help improve your success as a business and lay down the foundations of recognition. 

Whats in a Brand?

A brand is more than just a logo. Its what makes the logo and other elements of your business identity stand out. This is your brand identity. Choosing the right fonts, colours, and design. This includes making sure that the imagery stays on point across everywhere your brand is being represented. Most people do not understand that successful and large companies have a branding document that sets out how they want their brand and business to be represented to others. This keeps you, your staff and anyone else on the same point. 

One of the best quotes that describe branding came from Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos: "Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room."

What do I need to know about Branding?

There are some key questions you need to ask your self before getting started

What does branding mean to me?
How can I define my brand?
What are my brand expectations?
Where does the design part come into my branding?
How does branding design work?
Why are some brands so famous and how do I stand out?

How can I get my business branding right?

These questions can be answered.

But not always alone.

We can help you answer these questions as we take the Journey with you to creating or updating your identity and launching it to the world.

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